Lg California Poppies (Round/Copper)

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Item #WP1026
Retail Price: $145.00


California Poppies are framed in a copper wire-wrapped setting. The background is emerald green. Some of the glitter in the base is the "Mermaid" glitter, so it does pick up some blues in some lighting in the back. The scene is painted in multiple layers, creating a 3D effect! 6mm marbelized green glass and orange glass beads add a nice contrast to this Moni Originals hand-painted, wire-wrapped pendant! This is a larger cabochon/pendant than many in the line. 6.5 cm tall x 4.5 cm wide. The cab is 4cm diam (approx 1.5" diam).

(Item comes without chain)

Hand-made cabochon is created using a jewelry-grade resin and painting between layers. Wire is tarnish-resistant copper.

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This is a finished piece, so comments cannot pertain to customization.

This is a One-of-a-kind piece.
Retail Price: $145.00

Taking the Moni Originals pendants to a new (and fun!) level with the wire-wrapped line. Each cabochon is hand-made in layers of glittery resin, giving each piece unique, 3D detail! I hope you enjoy each item as much as I enjoyed making them!